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2015 Haiti Kanaval United In Happiness And Pain [Pictures & Video]


Saturday morning when I landed in Haiti for my very first Kanaval experience, I posted pictures and videos on my instagram page to share the experience with all my fellow Haitian Americans who couldn’t make it to Haiti for the annual event. As I drove into Pétionville, a suburb of Port-au-Prince to meet with Haitian television host and Plezikanaval owner Carel Pedre, everything from the traffic to the restaurants were packed as locals and tourist prepare for a beautiful Valentines night with their loved ones and prepare for three nights of Kanaval festivities.


Like any other Carnival spelled Kanaval in creole, safety is always a concern,  but as I pulled up to the city of Champ des Mars on Sunday night to make my way to Carel’s Plezikanaval stand which was covering all the ins and outs of the the three day event, hundreds of armed police officers, security and emergency rescue teams standing throughout the ares definitely made me feel secure and ready to partake in all the excitement of Kanaval.

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Haitian Jack Speaks On 1994 Tupac Shakur Shooting

haitian jack

Anyone who know me personally know I am a huge Tupac Shakur fan. I was introduced to Tupac’s music when I moved from Turks and Caicos to American in 1994. Tupac is and forever will be my favorite artist.

If you’re a Tupac fan you know he was angry and pointed a lot of fingers at different people  following his 1994 shooting in New York City’s Quad Studios. Shakur penned a track titled “Against All Odds”, where he name-drops several of his adversaries including Nas, Mobb Deep, Jimmy Henchman, and Haitian Jack, real name Jacques Agnant.

21 years after the fatal shooting in New York, Haitian Jack decided to speak about the shooting and insinuated Jimmy Henchman’s involvement.

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TBT Kanaval Video: Boukman Eksperyans Ke m Pa Sote & 2015 Video Pèpè Yè


Boukman Eksperyans ushered in a musical revolution with their Grammy-nominated debut album, Voudou Adjae. This brilliant release introduced the world to Boukmans worldly high energy sound fusing traditional Haitian and Caribbean rhythms with rock and reggae. Voudou Adjae brought the band international prominence and made them spokespeople for Haitian people. Since their emergence on the scene, Boukman has continued to release revolutionary critically acclaimed albums and mesmerize audiences World Wide from Haiti (where they draw tens of thousands of fans per show) to the Caribbean, throughout North America, Canada, Europe, Japan, and Africa both as a headlining act and alongside Wyclef Jean, Femi Kuti, and Baba Maal. – Source

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Plezikanaval Timoun Tv Show “Avec Ti Joe, Zenny & Olivier Martelly”

Plezikanaval Timoun – Pilot Show avec Ti Joe Zenny & Olivier Martelly

I just thought this was the cutest things ever. I am such a fan of Carel Pedre and all the work he is doing with the PleziKanaval site.

Watch this adorable pilot of  Plezikanaval Timoun pilot episode with Haitian cuties Ti Joe and Zenny with Haitian artist and President Martelly’s son Olivier Martelly. 

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