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Haitian Cooking Recipe: Beef Liver & Onions (Fwa Bef Ak Zonyon)



I am not going to lie, this is the one meal I will eat as long as you don’t tell me what it is because it taste so good, you’d never guess you were eating liver.

Beef is a very high commodity in Haiti, so when a cow is slaughtered, nothing goes to waste. Organs in particular have a very unique taste and can either taste really good in the right hands or really bad in the wrong. When cooking Beef Liver or (Fwa bef) its all about the temperature. Cooking it too high and you can end up with a piece of leather. Cook it too low and you will end up with what looks like mushy ground beef. The secret is to sauté high and finish low.

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Haitian New Years: How To Make Cremas

Aside from soup joumou, cremas which is consumed year round is also a very important part of Haitian homes doing the holidays. I just ran out of my 2 bottles and shuffling to get some today before new years eve.  As much as I love Cremas, I doubt I would ever really want to make it but here are a few recipes if you are ever interested in making and keeping your own bottle of this classic Haitian deliciousness in your home.

Cremas, most popularly known to Haitian as “Kremas in Haitian Creole.” It is a sweet and creamy alcoholic beverage native to Haiti. The beverage’s recipes vary from person to person with a few differences in ingredients. However, the overall look and taste is similar. The beverage possesses a creamy consistency similar to a thick milkshake and varies from off-white to beige in color. The drink is often served at social events and during the holidays. It is usually consumed along with a sweet pastry or depends on your preferences. The drink is often served cold however it can be served at room temperature. The beverage has become recently marketed in the United States as well as in Europe.  – Source

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Recipe: Mais Moulin ak Zepina (Cornmeal and Spinach)

Mais Moulin or yellow grits as my husband like to call it is my favorite Haitian dish. I especially love the fact that you can eat it anytime of the day and there’s multiple ways to make it. I usually make mine with fish, eggs or I make it with spinach  when I need an iron boost.

Here is Haitian Cooking Recipe for Mais Moulin:

Mais Moulin (Cornmeal) is the Haitian equivalent of grits. With corn being a major staple in Haiti, it is typically served at breakfast with a side of avocados and served with Fish or eggs. Some even mix in black beans to give it an extra protein boost. In Haiti, many farmers start they day off with a huge plate to give them the energy they need to their work done. Here is our version of Mais Moulin with Avocados.

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Meet Haitian American Chef Lori Charles

Chef Lori Charles is a Le Cordon Bleu educated, well-traveled, and experienced personal chef who caters for events, intimate dinners, and health requirements.

Lori was born in the United States and moved to Haiti as a child where she attended Union School in Petion-ville. She is the recipient of the prestigious President’s Education Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement (awarded by President George W. Bush). In 2001, she received an appointment to the United States Military Academy Preparatory School & The United States Military Academy-West Point and became the first female to receive an appointment to join the “Long Grey Line” from Haiti.

Griot ak Bannan Peze

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Product of the Day: Madame Sara’s Handcrafted Gourmet Creole Sauce


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Founder: Katyana Andre

I am originally from Haiti. I am sure you have heard of my country before or read about it somewhere in the news. You may have heard that it is a poor country plagued by political instability and natural disasters. Well, I am here to tell you the other side of the story. My country is rich in flavors, colors, passion, and of course, lots of sun and zest!!! Just like the sauces you’ll see here.  The Gourmet Creole Sauces are based on my grandmother’s recipes, but they have their roots in a typical blend of spices and herbs used in Haitian cooking. Putting them on the market is my way of sharing with the world some of the positive sides of Haiti: our culture and our cuisine.

 What sets us apart is that our sauces are made fresh and contain absolutely no chemicals or preservatives. They contain no animal products, making them suitable for even the strictest vegan diets, and are made in small batches in a licensed commercial kitchen upstate New York.  Our sauces are very versatile and can be used in all types of cooking. You can marinate meat or seafood, or use them as dips and more!

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Win A Copy Of Haitian Chef Nadege Fleurimond Haiti Uncovered Cookbook

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I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving weekend. If you weren’t on your social networks on Thursday you may have missed my exclusive thanksgiving social network takeover with Haitian Nadege Fleurimond.

Nadege Fleurimond is the owner of Fleurimond Catering, an off-premise catering firm in New York City, specializing in corporate and private functions. Utilizing her Haitian culinary background as a guide, Fleurimond pulls a world of flavors from Asian, Latin American and European Cuisines. Her company has catered for companies and institutions such as Ann-Hauser Busch, Columbia University, New York City Hall, BET News, and The Colbert Report, as well as notable individuals such as Vivica A. Fox, Al Jareau, and Dr. Memet Oz’s organization Healthcorps. – ReadMore

On Thanksgiving day I hosted a virtual Thanksgiving where Nadege shared exclusive recipes, images, book pages, and  agreed to do a giveaway for a signed copy of her Haiti Uncovered cookbook.

At 3:00pm Thanksgiving day, Nadege participated in a live Q&A with Lunionsuite and the fans of our Facebook page. She answered questions pertaining to food prep, her favorite recipes, production of Haiti Uncovered and shared exclusive recipes for Haitian Turkey, Bisque, Pumpkin Soup and more.

Now on to the giveaway. If you want to win a copy of Nadege’s book, all you have to do is email a picture of your thanksgiving turkey with the subject HUThanksgiving and Nadege will select the winner.

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Haitian Cooking: 5 Haitian Recipes Every Haitian Woman Should Know

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As you can tell from this page, I love food and there’s nothing better than a good Haitian dish. I’ve followed many Haitian cooking sites but Haitian Cooking is my new favorite because of how easy it is to navigate through the site and the fact that the recipes and cooking steps are very detailed and easy to understand.

Here is one of their recent post titled “5 Haitian Recipes Every Haitian Woman Should Know.” Click on the titles to visit the site for the recipes.

diri ak pwa e1395172667259 5 Haitian Recipes Every Haitian Woman Should Know cooking tip  Haitian recipes

1. Rice and Beans (Diri Kole):

Rice and Beans are pretty much at the core of every Haitian Meal. Don’t even invite a fellow Haitian to dinner if u aren’t serving some sort of rice dish. It ain’t natural to us. This should be the first of many Haitian recipes you master.

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