Amazing Women Photos of The Day: Shopdela

Growing up in a home full of seamstress, I am so in love with this instagram page and the wonderful stories about the hardworking women who remind me of my mother and grandmother. I love the amazing work they are doing and the items are spectacular.

From the desk of Linds Marie @lindsmariephoto

While in Haiti, a dream was realized. Elda, the mother of the Jean Marie orphanage in Gonaives had been trying to start a workshop for 30 years! This past June, her sewing workshop had begun, as well as a career for 30+ Haitian women. Including the three beauties you see above. My talented friends @angelineroseminnocci & @amandajjohnson12 organized this workshop to teach in Haiti for 2 weeks. They designed and cut patterns to bring. Along with hundreds of yards of fabric and six sewing machines. Then, 37 eager women created a brand @shopelda! Garments handmade in, sold here in the U.S. where total profit goes back to the makers.

Pastor’s wife. Daughter of the King. Understanding eyes. Sleepy smile. Nurturing, gentle in spirit, lover of laughter. Starts working before the sun comes up, and doesn’t stop until after the sun goes down.  Mother to 27 motherless children, and 3 of her own. A chef, a nurse, a servant’s heart, an encourager, and a seamstress.

Three decades ago, Elda and her husband Maula had a dream to launch a sewing workshop for the women of Gonaives, Haiti. Through this workshop, these women would be able to sell what they make in order to provide for their families and send their children to school. A pregnant Elda would walk 2 hours each day, each way in the grueling Haitian heat to teach the class.

After a while, women lost motivation. Elda lost the baby growing inside of her.

Three decades later, in 2013, Angeline traveled to Haiti on a missions trip. Recently graduated with a degree in fashion design, Angeline learned of this dream of Elda’s. She realized, with the help of her friend and fellow designer Amanda, the two of them could partner with Elda to make this grand idea a reality.

This is that reality. This is Elda.

Meet Mirlande. She’s a hardworking mother, seamstress, care giver, and a child of God. And she is one of the thirty seamstresses behind Elda. She has a contagious kind of giggly smile, and she pours out love and peace freely. When complimented on her perfect pleats, Mirlande would simply blush and shyly smile as she points to the sky exclaiming, “Grace a Dieu!” [thats creole for “Because of God!”] We are humbled by her sincere humility. With every purchase, like, sharing of a photo or story you do, you spread the story of these women’s God given gifts! Not to mention, by doing so you help to provide for every financial need too.





IMG_9985.jpgAll pictures courtesy of Shopelda

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  • Hi Wanda,
    Great article! Are they accepting donated sewing machines?

    • Yes, we do accept donations! Please visit our website, to contact us through the contact page, and be sure to check out the skirts made by these women! With every purchase, empowerment takes root!

    • Thank you. I reached out to the company to answer your question.

  • Hello! Thank you SO much for posting and sharing our story Wanda!! We do accept all sorts of donations and would LOVE to have your contribution to help the workshop! please visit our website, and contact us through the contact page about all inquiries! Also, the biggest way you can empower these women is purchasing the handmade skirts!

    • You’re welcome Amanda. Happy i was able to help.

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