SowASeed Release Statement Ending Partnership With Karen Civil & The Live Civil Playground In Haiti


Thursday morning, Sow A Seed, a non-profit volunteer-based organization who receive a lot of social network and media attention since announcing their partnership with Haitian-American media mogul Karen Civil abruptly ended that partnership with a three paragraph statement.

The statement which was posted on their Facebook and instagram page explained that as of December 16th, they were no longer working with Karen and have cancelled their plans to collectively launch the February 2015 Project PlayWorld Zorange, Live Civil playground in Croix des Bouquets, Haiti.

IMG_1927 (1)

Sow A Seed Instagram

This  announcement came as a complete surprise to the fans and the supporters of their collaboration who were very excited since the initial announcement by Karen and SowaSeed organization project manager, Claudia Apaid a few weeks ago during  Karen’s 30th birthday weekend.

Karen and Claudia


Karen Civil In Haiti

“I believe in the power of play. Unfortunately, Haiti does not have many safe environments for children to play and express themselves,” said, Karen Civil. The Sow a Seed Ambassador continued, “Coming from a Haitian-American home, I thought it was necessary to give back to the country in which my parents were raised. That is why I believe in Project PlayWorld’s efforts to provide secure playing spaces for the children of Haiti with the Live Civil Playground.” – Read Here

Along with funding lead by Karen Civil, Project PlayWorld’s mission to positively impact the children of Haiti through recreational activities has gained the financial support of national recording artists Meek Mill & Nipsey Hussle; President of Young Money Records, Mack Maine; Renowned DJ, Funkmaster Flex; Haitian-American professional boxer, Andrea Berto; President of Urban Music at Interscope Records, Joie Manda; Official DJ of the Cleveland Cavaliers, DJ Steph Floss and partner Jameel Davis. – Read Here

Because of Karen’s influence in the entertainment industry, the news of this partnership went viral and made numerous news outlets, but it was especially celebrated by the Haitian American community because of the Haitian-American affiliates associated with this project. Haitians were inspired and happy to see young Haitian-Americans women come together to make a difference for Haiti.

People were proud that Karen chose to giveunnamed (2) back to her country with an organization which was  founded and managed by a team of young, professional Haitian-American women with a special focus on the welfare of Haiti’s children.

After numerous radio and television appearance by Karen to raise awareness and gain more sponsorship for this project, there was no reason to believe this playground wasn’t going to happen.

After Sow A Seed’s statement was posted, disappointed fans emailed me asking if I knew the reason for this  breakup since Karen hadn’t responded and this site was an avid supporter of the launch of the playground.

I reached out to a very high-spirited Karen who explained the sudden dissolution of their partnership had a lot to do with the organization’s unwillingness to come to a collaborative agreement which would serve both of their visions for the playground. She wanted to make sure I understand that at the end of the day, the project is bigger than a disagreement between the two parties, the project is about helping the children and her focus  will remain  on making sure she accomplish the goal of launching a playground for the children of Haiti.  She wanted to make it clear that ending her relationship with the organization had nothing to do with any misrepresentation on her part as she promoted and attempted to gain additional sponsorship for the project.

A few hours into the day, Karen who initially hesitated about making a formal statement posted this statement on her instagram page with the caption:

Some visions and missions are bigger than the individual. Anticipate the #LiveCivilPlayground by mid-2015. Thank you for your continued support. #LiveCivil


Karen Civil Instagram

Following Karen’s statement, I reached out and spoke to the Sow A Seed media director Nadege who said they didn’t have any additional comment outside their formal statement and just wanted to thank everyone who’ve supported Sow a Seed and continue to support them as they actively search for new sponsors. However, after negative comments attacking Karen’s motives and character were made on Sowaseeds instagram page, the moderator of their page posted the comment below.

sowaseed We do not condone any negativity or malicious comments. We respect that many of you have speculations and opinions on this subject matter, however, neither of these reflect that of Sow a Seed.
Although we have successfully partnered with many sponsors, especially for Sow a Seed Project PlayWorld, this disengagement is a first for us. However, it is not uncommon to have two dedicated partners committed to one goal – supporting Haiti’s children – come to creative differences in vision that may no longer beneficially serve that goal.
As a class 501(c)(3) non-profit organization we have a responsibility to issue a statement and be transparent to our donors when asking for funds for projects we initiate.  Sow a Seed was established by Haitian-American, professional women, and it is with respect and admiration that we wish Ms. Civil continued success in her endeavors.
No further comments from Sow a Seed will be posted on this matter as we all have a mission to move forward, be beacons of light, focus on building our 2nd playground and sow seeds of positivity to Haiti’s children. We thank you for your endless dedication, support and understanding and ask that you continue to Sow a Seed.

Since so many people wanted to see this project happen, it a disappointing blow for the children but I think it safe to assume both parties are going to continue in their efforts to give back to our Haitian children and continue raising awareness about  the help needed in Haiti.

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