Video: Haiti Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe Resigns


On Saturday, Haiti’s  Ex-Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe stated “Je quitte le poste de Premier ministre avec le sentiment du devoir accompli!” Vive #Haiti

Translation: “I leave the job of Prime Minister with the sentiment of accomplishment.”

According to MiamiHerald,

Bowing to pressure, Haiti Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe resigned Saturday, paving the way for a new government to lead the country into long overdue legislative and local elections.

Haitian protest

Haitian protest courtesy of LA Times


Lamothe announced his resignation in a speech that was recorded shortly after 11 p.m., but did not air until almost 2 a.m. Sunday because of technical difficulties. He thanked President Michel Martelly, parliament, ministers and the Haitian people as he gave an account of his accomplishments. They included everything from increasing the percentage of children enrolled in school, augmenting tourism and foreign investments, and cutting insecurity and extreme poverty.

Citing a recent World Bank study that looked at the drop in poverty in Haiti between 2000 and 2012, Lamothe who took office in May 2012, said, “We are happy, but we are not satisfied when we see the number of people in extreme poverty has dropped from 31 percent to 24 percent in 2014 thanks to [our] work.”

The Bank acknowledged the government’s investments in social programs, which Lamothe took credit for in his speech, but questioned the programs’ sustainability in the face of dwindling foreign aid nearly five years after Haiti’s Jan. 12, 2010 earthquake.

“We can say today, that after 31 months, the results are there,” Lamothe said. “We’re leaving. We are going with the sentiment that we did all we could for the country….I leave the post of prime minister this evening, with the feeling of accomplishment.”

Lamothe said he was making the sacrifice for Haiti because the country not only needs development but also political stability to advance.

“Despite all of these accomplishments, if this is what can truly unblock the political crisis, I’ve decided,” he said, “to hand President Martelly my resignation and that of the entire government.” —

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  • I can’t believe that Martelly let those ridiculous animals destroy the country he helped rebuild. Martelly needs to put his foot down and act like a strong president and put the trouble makers in their place and properly govern his country the way he is supposed to and was elected to do.

    • Well I can’t blame the guy too much here. He only wanted to put peace in the country and it was lamort decision not his. I can’t blame either of them to be honest. Look at it this way it they (Martelly and Lamort) both kept going it wouldn’t look good internationally. People would think they are bad leader and that their people hates them. That is not a stable country and is very bad for development. He can’t arrest the idiots. Have you seen how many of those morons protesting? You can never take care of all them because every time you stop one there will always be another one waiting to do the same thing. This isn’t new for Haiti having people are protesting for no reason. If you keep going and arresting people after you next thing you know you are being called a dictator and last time I checked isn’t good both nationally and internationally, people won’t invest in a country when they know the leader is this ruthless guy who arrest “innocent” people who oppose him. At least that’s how we judge other countries without knowing the real story. The only way is to look weak. I am not saying this was the best decision but it’s far better than the other options. We are haitian no matter what! Even when some of us only wants what is best and some others only wants chaos and misery. I guess it’s like having a stupid younger brother who is always shaming your family. You can’t leave him or kill him. You don’t like it but you gotta do what you got to do to hide his mess for the family as a whole and do the best you can. You can only hope that one day he will mature enough to see how stupid he is acting and get better. It’s not weakness in a sense at all but you being the better person. I think that’s what they were thinking when Lamort chose to quit.

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