Lunionsuite Business of the Day: Flox Sox

If you’re looking for some cool, comfy socks you can wear to show your Haitian pride, you’ll really love these socks by Flox sox. 

FLOX, LLC is dedicated to bringing cultures, nations, and all walks of life together. Every nation has their own history and it’s important that their history is heard. When one knows history, one has a sense of responsibility. FLOX is committed to assisting every nation by voicing their history in a very unique and fashionable way. Hard work starts from the soles of your feet; wear FLOX and walk with pride.

Haitian American Jeffrey Edouard is the founder and designer of FLOX, LLC. Born in a rich historical city like Boston, MA, Jeff developed a strong love for history and it’s sense of responsibility. Both of his parents were born in Cap Haitian, Haiti. Jeff was raised by his single mother, Cecile Herivaux, for the majority of his childhood and early adult years. Jeff’s passion for building a concept to fuse history and fashion was cultivated through his love of culture, sports, and symbolism. FLOX’s design concepts allow individuals to represent history by wearing flags of nations on fashionable, unique, classy, and comfortable socks.

There’s also one for Mexico, Chicago, Copper state and more.


Flox Sox Website

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