Haitian Cooking: 5 Haitian Recipes Every Haitian Woman Should Know

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As you can tell from this page, I love food and there’s nothing better than a good Haitian dish. I’ve followed many Haitian cooking sites but Haitian Cooking is my new favorite because of how easy it is to navigate through the site and the fact that the recipes and cooking steps are very detailed and easy to understand.

Here is one of their recent post titled “5 Haitian Recipes Every Haitian Woman Should Know.” Click on the titles to visit the site for the recipes.

diri ak pwa e1395172667259 5 Haitian Recipes Every Haitian Woman Should Know cooking tip  Haitian recipes

1. Rice and Beans (Diri Kole):

Rice and Beans are pretty much at the core of every Haitian Meal. Don’t even invite a fellow Haitian to dinner if u aren’t serving some sort of rice dish. It ain’t natural to us. This should be the first of many Haitian recipes you master.

2. Haitian Stewed Chicken (Poule en Sauce):
Stewed chicken is the most common source of protein in Haiti and the U.S. You can never go wrong with chicken. Stewed chicken is easy simple and can be paired with a variety of sides. Just make sure you clean the chicken using the Haitian meat cleaning process.

Plantains 5 1024x680 5 Haitian Recipes Every Haitian Woman Should Know cooking tip  Haitian recipes

3. Boiled Plantain (Bannann Bouyi)
Boiled plantains are pretty much the easiest Haitian recipe with the biggest return, but even I have messed this up in the past. Timing is everything with this recipe. Let it boil to long and you end up with mush. Remove it too early and you’ll end up with a very dry tasteless meal.

DSC0046 5 Haitian Recipes Every Haitian Woman Should Know cooking tip  Haitian recipes

4. Haitian Spaghetti (Espageti)
It sounds weird, but spaghetti is typically a breakfast food in Haiti. In the U.S. it has transitioned to a lunch meal. If you can’t get this right, stick to boiled plantains and scrambled eggs for breakfast.

blackbeansoup1 5 Haitian Recipes Every Haitian Woman Should Know cooking tip  Haitian recipes

5. Black bean Soup (Sos Pwa)
If you are cooking white rice, it better be with a side of black bean soup and we aren’t talking about can beans. You better start off with dried beans and boil the hell out of those beans.

Ladies what do you think?

I love this line up but I think it should have been titled 5 Haitian dishes every Haitian should know because there’s nothing better than a Haitian man who knows how to cook.


  • You are missing the main recipe all Haitian Women must know…. Soup Joumou (Squash Soup)

  • you forgot griot.. A Haitian man in the kitchen??? does that even exsist?/

    • I am a Haitian man and I cook a lot. My wife loves it.

    • But of course, my Haitian husband cooks…

    • I think griot and soup Joumou are for the more experienced chefs…can you imagine someone messing that up..

  • If you go to the website that is linked at the top “Haitian Cooking” they have both the griot and the soup joumou

  • These are the Haitian staple dishes in deed. White rice should be one of them as well.

    • Yes, because a lot of people do not know how to make white rice.

  • Please …Pumpkin soup was my favorite when I lived in Haiti. I would love to make soup Joumou!

  • haitian woman should know? nice……not sexist at all.

    • Sure, thank for your comment!!!!!!!

  • I love haitian food, but you guys forgot legum, and Yellow grits w/beans….all delicious dishes i learned to cook from my husbands recipe. ..

    • yellow grits??? You mean mais moulin??

  • I’m sooooooo happy to find this website. We left Haiti in June 2013 and miss it like crazy. My Haitian husband does most of the cooking when it comes to Haitian dishes, but maybe now I can surprise him with some good Haitian dishes.

    • Thanks for visiting Blayne, good luck with the Haitian dishes. I’m sure your husband will love it.

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  • I’m so please to see all of my child hood food on here it makes me laugh and remind me my time in Haiti there’s more dishes missing but those ones hit the spot.

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