Social Cam Spotted: November 21, 2014

Haitian American boxer Andre Berto with California rapper YG!

There’s no stopping Karen Civil!
She was spotted doing an interview with the Breakfast Club about her new Live Civil Playground in Haiti. 
“Karen Civil: Stopped by the BreakfastClub to talk about the#LiveCivilPlayground & #LiveCivilTour NYU Stop.”

Haitian painter Serge:

Posted by instagram follower @deedabee7 : The man, the myth, the legend – my main man, SERGE. For those of you who don’t know, this #Haitian #gem is responsible for creating amazing murals such as The #MiamiHeat mural.


Spotted: Haitian-American Slo (Ceo & Co-Owner) of Slowbucks clothing line with hip hop mogul  Diddy.

Haitian Entrepreneur and Model Paola

@findingpaola:Me and @somyak. She’s a young lawyer/painter of Indian descent who recently started her company.

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