Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe on Supermodel Girlfriend Petra Nemcova “I’m a Lucky Man”


Petra Nemcova and Laurent Lamothe ERIC RISBERG/AP – Courtesy of People Magazine

Strong, Haitian man?  I don’t know Petra you might be the lucky one!

In pure paparazzi form, while leaving a meeting at World Bank in Washington DC,  TMZ caught up with Haitian Prime Minister  Laurent Lamothe and asked about his relationship with supermodel Petra Nemcova.

TMZ: “Mr prime minister, your one of the luckiest world leaders to have such a beautiful girlfriend, most of the world leaders as lucky as you?

Lamothe: He laughs and says “that’s a good one, that’s a good question, well I’m very fortunate and very lucky .”

How sweet, he’s blushing.

ll and petra tmz Click here or on the picture  to watch TMZ Video: 

Petra Nemcova is one of the most beautiful women in the world … which makes Haitian Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe one of the luckiest men, and the guy’s got no problem admitting it.The supermodel went public with their relationship a few months ago — which has to give Lamothe a huge leg up in meetings with other heads of state, right?

We got the PM in Washington, DC on Thursday, and asked him if that’s the case. LL’s no fool … he played it like a good boyfriend should. – TMZ



Petra courtesy of

Lamothe is not the only one blushing and in love, in this People magazine article,  Petra talks about being happy and finding love in the prime minister.

Petra Nemcova has found love and happiness.

The model and philanthropist, 34 – who survived the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami but tragically lost her fiancé Simon Atlee in the disaster – tells PEOPLE she is now romancing handsome Haitian prime minister Laurent Lamothe, 41.

“Yes, we are involved, and I am very happy,” Nemcova told PEOPLE on Saturday while promoting her line of internationally themed candles, Be the Light New York, at Bloomingdale’s Aventura in Miami. “Even though I have to travel a great deal for all of my work, Laurent is very supportive of what I do.”

The Czech-born, multilingual Nemcova lives in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, and is the founder and chairwoman of Happy Hearts Fund, whose mission is to rebuild schools and restore hope and opportunity to the lives of children after natural disasters.

In November 2007, she visited Haiti with musician Wyclef Jean as part of a charity event and became interested in helping improve the island nation. With Jean, she co-founded a computer lab and restaurant where she lives.  Her Happy Hearts Fund has also helped rebuild Haiti after the country suffered a devastating earthquake in 2010.

Since calling off her engagement to actor Jamie Belman in 2012, Nemcova has been an ambassador at large for Haiti, bringing international awareness to its culture, development and opportunities.  Nemcova, who is also a brand ambassador for Clinique and Chopard, said, “My goal is to uplift the people of Haiti through job creation and empowerment.

Congratulations and good luck to the happy couple.

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One comment


    Petra Nemcova Simon Atlee engaged Simon Atlee Petra Nemcova engaged
    Petra Nemcova was engaged to Simon Atlee
    June 2003 – December 2004
    Petra Nemcova and photographer Simon Atlee dated for about a year and a half before Simon died in a tsunami

    Petra Nemcova dated James Blunt
    2006 – March 2007
    James Blunt and model Petra Nemcova were an item for just over a year, but they split in 2007, with sources saying…

    Petra Nemcova dated James Blunt
    March 2006 – February 2007
    Petra Nemcova and singer James Blunt were an “item” for about a year. They broke up in February 2007.

    Petra Nemcova dated Badr Jafar
    July 2008 – 2010
    Petra Nemcova and a Dubai businessman Badr Jafar were spotted kissing in July 2008 while on vacation in St. Barts.

    June 2011 – April 2012
    Supermodel Petra Nemcova was engaged to British actor Jamie Belman after only eight months of dating. Sadly, things…

    Petra Nemcova Jamie Belman engaged Jamie Belman Petra Nemcova engaged
    Petra Nemcova was engaged to Jamie Belman

    Senn Penn and Petra Nemcova rekindled their romance in May 2012. They stepped out together at the Cannes…

    Petra Nemcova Sean Penn dating Sean Penn Petra Nemcova dating
    Petra Nemcova dated Sean Penn
    May 2012 – June 2012

    And the Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe ??? WTF is wrong that B.. , Obviously she’s dating rich and famous men !! What a shame .. !! She’s Sleeping for their millions for her ” sadly heart” organization ?

    If none of them stayed with her, even her actual boytoy won’t last with her for sure.

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