1580 AM Morning Drive: Miami’s Only Haitian-American Radio Morning Show

When I accepted the invitation to be a guest on the morning drive a couple of weeks ago, my first thought was why didn’t I know about this show before? After 2 hours of great music, talk radio, comedy and news with some of the funniest and energetic radio staff I’ve ever listened to, I fell in love with the station and  listen to them every morning on my way to work and at work through the their live stream of the show.

The show which consist of Rhonel, Marsha, Nathalie, Coutchard , Fabiola and Rebecca are a group of young Haitian-Americans bringing a fresh voice to The only Haitian radio station in the nation. According to the shows website and Facebook page,

We are a group of young intelligent people with something to say and a voice that needs to be heard. We represent a generation and a people often brushed to the side. Haitians have a strong physical presence here in Florida, but are rarely found in the public eye. This young adult generation of Haitian-Americans rarely sees or hears anyone that looks and sounds like them doing something positive. It is about time for us to stand together and make ourselves be noticed.



The Morning Drive on WSRF 1580AM is our outlet.

Through this station we want to present a show that will bridge the young and older Haitian communities together. Every other ethnicity represented in our fair state embraces and represents their culture to the fullest, so why can’t we. Our mission is to bring self awareness to our community and to bring mainstream attention to the positive things we have to offer. We will embrace our language, our music, our culture as a whole, while integrating it with the American culture we love.

The show which airs Monday to Friday from 8:00am -10:00am.  Here are a few pictures from the shows social networks and pictures from my visit to the show.

The TMD team with Phillip J Brutus

4th of July Visit to the show

Me and host Rhonel


  • Did you redesign the site? It looks great! And I will see if I can find some of 1580’s broadcasts online…

    • Yes i did 🙂 Have to celebrate the 3 year anniversary with a bang 🙂

  • Thank you so much for this! Its really difficult living in Houston, TX to stay connected to my adopted Haitian community (I married into the community). This station has definitely brought some life into my mornings. 🙂

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