Long Island Car Crash Kills Mother, Her 3 Children and Her Mother

brooklyn famil

Pictured from left to right, Marcus Jeanty, Kayla Jeanty, Myriam Lebrun, Marcel Jeanty. – Courtesy of Haitian Times

Dealing with the death of a family is one of the hardest things to cope with, so I can only imagine what this family is going through after losing 5 love ones in a day. My prayers truly go out to this family.

Myriam Lebrun, 37, of Brooklyn, was driving west on the Southern State Parkway when the car carrying her three children, ages 8 to 14, and their grandmother, 68, when the vehicle veered off the highway and struck a tree. The car burst into flames that ‘reached 10 to 15 feet in the air,’ according to one official.- source

The New York State Police said Sunday they are investigating whether speeding could have caused the fiery car crash.

Myriam Lebrun and her family, her mother, Marie Rose Yolande Moise, and her three children, Marquis Jeanty, Marcel Jeanty, and Kayla Jeanty. – Courtesy of Haitianinternet

According to Haitian Times

What was supposed to be an easy night back from a family visit turned into a tragedy after a woman, her three children and their grandmother were killed when their car derailed, and struck a tree late Saturday night.Myriam Lebrun, 37, was travelling westbound on the Southern State Parkway, just before 11 p.m. on Saturday when her 1998 Honda Accord smashed into a tree near exit 38 in Babylon, state police said. Lebrun, her three children, 14-year-old Marcus Jeanty, 9-year-old Marcel Jeanty , 8-year-old Kayla Jeanty and their grandmother, 68-year-old Yolande Moise were all killed in the crash.The family was heading back home to Brooklyn after visiting family in Suffolk County.“It looks like a combination of speed and we’re investigating the possibility of alcohol,” lead state police investigator Charles Knapp said. Witnesses described “heavy fire” and “flames shooting in the air.” – Continue Reading Here <

Myriam Lebrun (top c.) in a photo with her children Marcus (r.), Marcel (l.) and Kayla (bottom c.), who all died in a car crash Saturday night. – Courtesy of NyDailyNews

Time Warner Cable report,

Members of a Brooklyn family killed in a crash on Long Island were laid to rest on Saturday. Friends and loved ones said goodbye to 37-year-old Myriam LeBrun, along with her mother and children.

Mourners could not contain their emotions as their caskets were led out of the church in Uniondale. Marcus Jeanty, 14, along with 9-year-old Marcel and 8-year-old Kayla were with their mother at a family gathering last month. They and their grand mother, 68-year-old Yolande Moise were also killed in the crash.

“When I think back on Myriam and the mom, it’s just love. And I guess it was too much, if that makes sense. Myriam and Yolande—they just caring, open their doors to everybody…any and every body,” said family friend Dillon Brown.

“It’s a very sad tragedy to see all the family—five people died and are buried today. It’s very sad for the Haitian community,” said family supporter Fania Termidor.

Although some reports say Myriam may have been drinking, family members are defending the mother saying there’s no way she would have been drinking with her mother and children in the car.

“I can bet my life that she wasn’t drunk,” said Christine Moise, 20, a cousin of driver Myriam Lebrun.

“These kids were her everything,” Christine said. “Her kids were her life.”

“She made the drive from Brooklyn to Brentwood and back four or five times a week, just so she could see her sister and let her kids spend time with their cousins,” said Mayerline Moise, 26, another cousin, who, like her sister, Christine, was not at the gathering on Saturday. – Source

Lebrun’s mom and three children — ages 8, 9 and 14 — died with her in the crash.

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