Picture of the Day: The 2014 Miss Haiti Contestants

The Miss Haiti contest is the national beauty pageant of Haiti. It is responsible for selecting the country’s representatives to the Miss World, Miss International, Miss Globe, MTQI, International Coffee Queen, Panamerican Queen of the Sugar cane pageants (among others).

miss haiti

Here are a few more pictures from their Facebook fan page.

Visit the Miss Haiti facebook page to keep up with the contestants.

One comment

  • All those past and current beauty pageant contests are based on the Greek canon of beauty that is to say Eurocentric which emulates the women of the Caucasus mountains as amongst the most beautiful in the world.

    If we live in a black country, them we must have an Afrocentric criteria by cataloging most of the phenotype in Africa to define what African beauty is and by which we could have parity with European and Asian women; otherwise we are fooling ourselves by trying to compete with other races who set their own criteria and considers us less than equal in term of physical beauty. Some black folks manage to win during beauty contest with other races but the judges at those contests usually ascribe their success to the way they answered the intellect test. Most people failed to copy this sublime message!

    Even in Africa and the African diaspora where the beauty pageant judges are usually blacks but are mentally colonized, they subconsciously or secretively accept the European anatomy as the gold standard. Thus, they still tend to favor the light skinned with relatively thin lips, thin nose, wider facial angle closer to 80° and so on; although intelligence and social awareness are included in the judging criteria but those judges might chose not to ask astute, levelheaded and serious academic questions if the target winner looks relatively more European with respect to the other contestants.

    Beauty contest without doubt boost the confidence of the winners but they have negatively impacted the ego, the self-esteem and may lead to depression for some of the women that failed to win including some of the non contestants spectators for various reasons who may have been conditioned to regard themselves as homely, unattractive or ugly. Meanwhile, all kind of bird of preys are trying to take advantage of some of those women contestants before and after the contest.

    The disadvantages of those subjective and vacuous contests outweigh their societal benefits. Conversely, Haiti needs young Haitians scientist contestants and young contestants that have specific marketing skills and able to compete in term of efficiency from housekeeping job skills to space technology. Such contests will stimulate other to escape abject poverty.

    Most of the Haitian media is focusing its energy on novels, poetry music, arts but not on science, technology and marketing skills. It is like to put the cart before the horse. A country must reach an optimum of opulence before its citizen could start indulging in matter pertaining to aesthetics. I am not anti art but I think Haiti current hierarchy of priorities are in reverse order

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