18-Year-Old Haitian American Tennis Player Vicky Duval Diagnosed With Cancer


My heart goes out to you and your family Vicky.

I’ve been watching and following Victoria Duval for the last year and a few days ago posted a story about her success at Wimbledon. The Haitian American community is praying for your speedy recovery.

According to ESPN,

LONDON — Victoria Duval, who won her first career main-draw match at Wimbledon last week, revealed Friday she had been diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma after the first of three qualifying matches at Wimbledon.

“It is with a heavy heart that I will have to step away from tennis competition for a short period after being diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma,” Duval said in a statement. “I received the news after my first round of qualifying at Wimbledon but decided to continue to compete. Being on court provided me with much comfort.

“I have complete faith that God will assist me and my family with all that we need, to achieve victory and become stronger from this journey. I intend to put up my best fight and have a full recovery. I picture myself healthy, stronger and competing again soon with even more appreciation for the game I so love. I am grateful in advance to my fans and friends for their support and positive thoughts while I will undergo my treatment and fight this battle.”

The diagnosis came after a biopsy taken in England before the tournament, and further tests in the U.S. have confirmed the results, her representatives from IMG said in a statement. Duval’s big breakthrough came as a 17-year-old at last year’s US Open, when she defeated former champion Samantha Stosur. Hodgkin’s is the most common form of cancer in adolescents, and, the statement said, the cancer was caught in its very early stages.

“Vicky will undergo treatment right away, and due to her overall good health and isolation of the cancer, the prognosis is a full recovery in a few months,” the spokesman said.

Duval, 18, will miss the 2014 Mylan World Team Tennis season, and her team, the Philadelphia Freedoms, will wear patches with her initials in her honor.

“We are all supporting Vicky and her family at this difficult time,” Freedoms owner Billie Jean King said. “Vicky is a fighter, and she will approach this new challenge with a plan and a conviction to win.”

Duval was a 298th-ranked qualifier last fall when she defeated Stosur, the No. 11 seed and 2011 champion who had reached the quarterfinals in her previous three Open appearances. It was just the second Grand Slam match of Duval’s career, and with the crowd rhythmically chanting “USA, USA,” Duval defeated Stosur 5-7, 6-4, 6-4 in a two-hour, 39-minute match. Continue reading on ESPN.




Posted on her personal Instagram page.


  • Gilbert Franklin

    My family will be praying for a full recovery.

  • This young lady have accomplished so much so far and my prayers go out to Victoria Duval and her family and wishing her a speedy recovery as well.

  • Marie G Adrien

    Keeping you in prayers , and praying for a speedy recovery, God bless you!

  • God will steer you through..mprayers to you

  • You are a fighter Vicky, you will pull through! God is with you! I have you in my prayers!

  • Wow, that is terribly sad. I am so heart broken – wishing her a speedy & healthy recovery.

  • Don’t be worried Duval!
    You won’t be fatal.
    God has a plan for you…
    I started watching over you
    One year ago.
    And I said, you can go
    Over and over
    To reach your goal.
    Your career isn’t over.
    Please you have my prayer…

  • Jeannot Bazile

    Have a faith ! God’s on your side, that right “Ieshua ” said if you believe … Be always positive. Jb.

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  • God will heal you

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  • Pretty Sad, I know God is a God who heal the sick. I am praying for her.

  • O Vicky, I had no idea!! I will be praying for you from now on. May healing virtues flow through you in Jesus Christ name!

  • I will keep you in my prayers

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