Orange Is The New Black’s Actress Vicky Jeudy Express Her Haitian Pride


Received an email from one of my favorite Haitian American actress Orange is the new black’s Vicky Jeudy, she wanted to make sure her fans know she is very proud of her Haitian heritage. She’s on Instagram @officiallyvickyj #Lunionsuite

Hi Wanda, Sak Passe? I couldn’t let Haitian Heritage Month pass me by without wearing my colors today. Im an island girl at heart and proud of my people, culture and sense of pride! #Haitian #redandblue #pearlofthecarribbean
#portauprince #amourcreole
Doing it #orangeisthenewblack

One comment

  • It’s so amazing that we have so many famous Haitian people that we didn’t know about but thanks to Mrs. Wanda I have discovered so many. We’ll appreciated Mrs. Wanda and Vicky Jeudy of course you had to REPRESENT!!! Lol much

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