Happy Haitian Flag Day “I’m Haitian Heritage Museum’s Miss May 18th”


Happy Haitian Flag day from Lunionsuite.com.

I am especially excited about this day because I was just named Miss Haitian Heritage Museum’s Miss May 18th.  Merci and Thank You to everyone who took the time out to vote and shared my picture to help with votes. This contest was a major eye opener to a few things but I’m happy and blessed to know that I make a small difference in people’s lives everyday by taking the time out to do what I do. Thank you for pushing me to want to be better!

Almost 3 years ago I started my blog as a hobby because I wanted to learn more about my culture, THANK YOU to LAWRENCE for believing in the future of my site and provided an additional platform through “The Haitian American” for me to do what I love. I have so much in store for the site and I’m so grateful to my new supporters and most importantly the people who has been supporting me since day 1.

It’s Haitian flag day and I AM HAITIAN HERITAGE MUSEUM’s MISS MAY 18TH.

How dope is that?




My Hubby!




  • Congrats!!! Mrs. Wanda I’m sorry I’m late but you have been doing such a marvelous job with your site and teaching us so much about Haiti and because of you we have a voice in so many different ways. Some of us didn’t know the true History of Haiti and because of your site that have change drastically and you deserve to be Miss May. We are so proud of you and the work that you do. You are a perfectionist, we’ll educated, Beautiful, kind, good hearted and Magnificent woman with great caliber. We love you and you goo girl!!!

    • Aww that was sooo very sweet, Thank you so very much for the support babez, what would i do with you 🙂

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