Saut-d’Eau , Haiti

Saut-d’Eau (Creole: Sodo) is a municipality in the Mirebalais Arrondissement, in the Centre Department of Haiti. It has 34,885 inhabitants. Its name is French for ‘waterfall’, named after a large waterfall called ‘Le Saut’. The area holds cultural significance in Haiti, to both Catholic and Vodou practitioners. In the 19th century, it is believed that the Virgin Mary of Mount Carmel (or the closely associated Vodou Lwa, Erzulie Dantor) appeared on a palm tree there. A French priest, afraid of the superstition this would inspire, cut the tree down, but it nonetheless became an important religious destination for Haitians, akin to the Virgin of Guadalupe in Mexico.

Annually, the falls are the site of a large, important religious pilgrimage, during the festival of Our Lady of Carmel, from July 14–16. A Eucharistic rite is held during the festival, as well as various vodou rituals, but the penultimate devotional activity is bathing in the waters of the falls, and asking favors of the Virgin or Erzulie. The water is also sacred to the lwa Damballah and Ayida Wedo, the book The Serpent and the Rainbow is named for their appearance at this site.


  • Side note I am glad you are feeling better and writting more.

    • Thank you, lol, between grad school and work. I was a bit tied up but i’m truly to be back and stay back.

  • Chantal A Baptiste

    To whom it may concern,
    My name is Chantal,
    so glad that someone posted some pictures of Seau d’Eau but I was waiting for more stories about that place if you want more please email me. If you do contact I’ll be glad to introduce you to a Haitian man who was one of the first person who built a house there while living in Port Au Prince.
    I’m waiting for your response.
    Truly, Chantal

    • Hi Chantal, that’s wonderful. Can you email me

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