Happy Haitian Independence & Soup Joumou Day!

20140101-165038.jpg Happy New Year Everyone!!! I’ve been up since last night cooking and I am exhausted. This is my second attempt at making Soup Joumou and this time I think I did a much better job. Below is a full collage of the finished product made by the recipe posted here on this site. I am so proud of being able to keep such a long-standing tradition alive in my home.

I hope everyone is having a great New Years Day!!!

Click Here to get the recipe.

20140101-165156.jpg 20140101-165204.jpg 20140101-165215.jpg 20140101-165241.jpg


Click Here to get the recipe.


  • Thanks so much for the recipes, love haitian food and now am able to at least try to attempt to cook it thanks to you! !!!

    • You’re welcome. It’s a lot of fun and way easier than it looks 🙂

      • More recipes pliz!!!

        • Im working on it 🙂

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