My Christmas Vacation In New York


Saying Bye to My Belle Is Always The Hardest. When I travel I leave her at a Pet Resort.

Merry Day After Christmas everyone, I hope everyone had a blessed holiday weekend!

As a newlywed with family living in two different cities, my husband and I have decided to alternate Christmas with our families every year. Christmas is my favorite season ans being able to spend it with family is a big deal for me. Last year which was our first Christmas, we spent it with my family in South Florida, this year we jetted to New York for thanksgiving and a very cold cold Christmas to spend it with his family. Thanks to our wonderful bosses who gave us Friday off, we were blessed to spend 5 whole days in New york. We stayed in Long Island but traveled everywhere to Manhattan to Staten Island. The highlight of my trip was seeing snow for the first time. Although it didn’t snow a lot the few on and off showers of snow was amazing.This was definitely one of my best Christmas ever!

Here are a few pictures of my trip.


JFK Airport Jet Blue Area Had The cutest Blue Christmas Tree. I LOVE Christmas Trees.



Attended a Basketball game at Westbury High with my nieces.


Stopped and ate at a place called Kennedy Fried Chicken. I was very surprise to see a restaurant with similar acronyms as KFC, Kentucky Fried Chicken, but the chicken was great!




Taking The Staten Island Ferry To Meet A Friend. Did I Mention It Was Freezing.


I’ve always wanted to ride the subway. It wasn’t as bad as I expected. It was actually clean.



Playing on the subway.


Strolling in Manhattan In The Rain/Snow


The exact moment it starting snowing, I was standing there trying to take a picture in Rockefeller center.


As soon as we got to Rockefeller Center It Started Snowing. I have never been this cold in my life. My hands felt like Popsicle.


The Rockefeller center Christmas tree was by far the most amazing!!


One of the cutest thing to do was ice skate in Rockefeller Center. Although it was snowing & raining people would not get off the rink.


We also stopped at Bryant Park for a quick bite and skating. They really like these blue trees in NYC



Shopping in Manhattan. What a great few of the city while your shopping.


I loved this tree in Nordstrom’s at the Roosevelt Field Mall In Long Island

Headed Out Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve Partying in Elmont New York.

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